1. Dear All,

    15 August is the REAL Celebration… 26 January is PURELY a political Celebration announced by congress in the memory of its resolution dated 26 Jan 1942. (By the way, original congress party has already been dissolved in 1978 when Indira Gandhi separated from original party by naming her newly-formed party as: “Congress (Indira)”, abbreviated as “Congi”; which is renamed later as Indian National Congress.)

    This day (26 January) is celebrated for applying the Constitution. Only less than 3% of the countries in the World celebrate a day on which Constitution was enforced!

    USA’s Constitution came into force on 04 July 1776, and it has been amended 18 times till date; while our Constitution came into force on 26 January 1950, and it has been attempted to amend 131 times! USA’s Constitution can be printed in 2 foolscap pages; while ours is 680 foolscap pages! England does not have any Constitution at all.. still citizens of USA and UK enjoy better Fundamental Rights than us, though our Constitution guarantees Fundamental Rights!

    15 August is the TRUE celebration, as we got Independence on 15 Aug 1947.

    Long Live our Independence..
    God Bless India..


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