97-Year-Old Nanammal (Yoga Teacher) – BEST SPEECH EVER! – OLYMPIC GAME IN PAKISTAN



97-Year-Old Nanammal (Yoga Teacher)


BEST SPEECH EVER! Former CEO Citibank Phillip Wollen owns the stage

“This video spells out in no uncertain terms the benefits of vegetarianism and even further benefits of veganism. It is a crying shame and a blot on our character that a large percentage of our children have come under the influence of their peers and have turned into non-vegetarians and also alcoholics. Our own Hindu/Jain business people have turned into butchers and owners of clubs and serve non-vegetarian food and alcohol with the sole objective of making money. For them religiosity is in our religious scriptures and irrelevant to them.

Conversely people in the West who were brought up as non-vegetarians are more active in vegetarian and vegan movements and nowadays their presence at World Vegetarian/Vegan Congress meeting once a year is noticeable. The last such Congress was held in San Francisco and LA. My wife and I with a number of our friends attended the last Congress in Indonesia in October 2010; it was an eye opener. The total number who took part was in the region of 8,000 a very sizable number in an Islamic country. It is a matter of considerable regret that our society, in its pursuit of money, has no time to educate our children on the right path.”




ઓડિયો સાંભળવા માટે નીચેની લીંક ક્લિક કરો:



મોટા અક્ષરો વાંચવા માટે નીચેના ફોટા ઉપર ક્લિક કરો


6 responses to “97-Year-Old Nanammal (Yoga Teacher) – BEST SPEECH EVER! – OLYMPIC GAME IN PAKISTAN

    • Dear Menden
      Thank you very much but it is not possible for me because this blog is in Gujarati from starting. But my videos and cartoons are mostly in English, only jokes are in Gujarati. So you can read 60 to 70percent in English. I am extremely sorry.
      With warm regards
      Vipul M Desai


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