6 responses to “SUNDAY CARTOON MAHEFIL-05/16/2015

  1. Enjoyed cartoons.
    Good advertisement by a lawyer in MP.
    He can teach how to do wrong and then hoe to get out of it. Good idea.!!!!!!


  2. चड्डी-बनियान तक तो ठीक है,वर्ना वै भी नहि रहते!


    • I do not make all cartoons. It seems you are Modi’s supporter and may feel like that but other people like it. Out of 4 comments 3 likes it and one you do not like. Everybody has different opinion and I agree with your comment…it is healthy….but do not support Modi blindly. I like him but he has not deliver what he said during election time. What happen in Kashmir is not shame for nation? Why Modi did not speak a single word? How many soldiers are killed at border?


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