7 responses to “THE BATTLE AGAINST NATURE-Danny Macaskill: The Ridge

  1. Amazing
    . Both in terms of the riding and the cinematography, stunning work Held my breath for ten minutes – absolutely stunning footage and insane riding. Crazy


  2. *’THE BATTLE AGAINST NATURE’– None can confound the nature..it’s natural..!
    *”Danny Macaskill: The Ridge”- हर फिक्र को धुँए में उड़ाता चला गया.
    *Why do they advise so..?–what could be the reason..?


    • It is a spelling mistake. They write diaper(use for potty of kids) but actual word is dipper(strong beam of light). If you know this then real reason is in the night if you do not use dipper light you can not see anything distance away from you and all chances of accidents can take somebody’s life.


  3. Shocking cycling and shocking piano , cycle , giant wheel , old car’s grave yard ….. Just so many other shocking pictures showing nature over powering human power .


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