बेसणेमे जाकर आदमी लोग क्या क्या बोलते है-અમે અમદાવાદી


बेसणेमे जाकर आदमी लोग क्या क्या बोलते है।


અમે અમદાવાદી:


10305617_834543693230360_7157757298931148492_n – Resized



9 responses to “बेसणेमे जाकर आदमी लोग क्या क्या बोलते है-અમે અમદાવાદી

    • वडील, तुम्हाला चांगला वाटला म्हणून मला पुष्कळ आनंद. खुब खुब आभार! तुम्ही आता केनेडा आहेत की परत इंडिया गेले? मला असा वाटते की तुम्ही बरोडा कडून आहेत.


  1. બેસણામા મૌન રખાય તો દુઃખી કુટુંબીજનોને ઘણી રાહત મળે! બાકી ગયે અઠવાડીએ ફ્યુનરલ મા …


    • Dear Nitishbhai,
      All wordpress blogs are controlled by wordpress. When you put comment please check that is there anywhere written Natash. Then please
      change it. In fact I was very much surprised when I show Natash. I am extremely sorry but I will try to find out if possible.


  2. Vipulbhai, For last 3 days I am getting warning— ” Attackers might be trying to steal your information from surtnuundhiyu.files wordpress .com etc. It is not opening. What do you suggest ??


    • Some virus or software company might have sent virus in your computer. Click start, then click accessories then click system tool and you will see Disk Clean Up. It will clean your computer. Then see what happens. Which browser you are using? If you are using Google Chrome or Internal Explorer then change it to other like Firefox. If you do not have then in google search put firefox download and download it. If you find problem in downloading then take help of somebody. Tell him to use antivirus in your computer. If you do not have then tell him to install free antivirus AVG Netherlands B.V. available on internet. As a last resource send me your new email address and try to re-register with new email, but you do this only after taking above steps first. There can not be any problem from wordpress as it is all over the world
      in many languages with high security.


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