WEALTHY AS WE GROW OLD-Blind Skateboarder



Blind Skateboarder

Tommy Carroll has been been blind since the age of two and skateboarding since he was ten.

Be brave, be safe. Thanks to protective gear he was able to learn incredible tricks. An amazing story that proofs you can be really brave when you are safe.

“BRAVE” is a short film that looks at how Tommy is able to skate despite being blind. If this kid doesn’t motivate and inspire anyone that ever says “I Can’t” then I don’t know what will. Music is “Where The Heart Is”. Thanks for being Brave Tommy and showing the rest of us how it’s done.





2 responses to “WEALTHY AS WE GROW OLD-Blind Skateboarder

  1. Yes we are rich as you say but not all. Add: Afford to spend more for medicine. which is sign of richness.Blindness is not disability except sight, Crisis of dollar in world but still underwear remained !!!


  2. **Then why should one worry when he is this much rich in his old age..!
    ** The courage of Tommy Carroll is Praiseworthy.
    **The cloak is still to be brought down…!


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